TrustMore. Transparent data

Use TrustMore blockchain technology to enable transparent, trustless and real-time data-sharing across multiple organisations.

TrustMore. Verifiable data

TrustMore blockchain technology creates a verifiable and permanent audit trail of data that integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

TrustMore. Real-time data

Improve your real-time data management processes with TrustMore blockchain technology.

TrustMore. Trustless data

Manage your audit and compliance obligations more efficiently with TrustMore blockchain technology.

It's time to TrustMore.

 Our Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) enables existing enterprise applications to integrate seamlessly with blockchain technology.

TrustMore Enterprise Blockchain
Permanent audit trail

TrustMore offers a verifiable, secure, traceable, and irreversible audit trail of select company records, transactions and artefacts

TrustMore Enterprise Blockchain
Resolve compliance issues

TrustMore improves your ability to resolve compliance issues, react to new regulatory and compliance obligations and address internal audit requirements

TrustMore Enterprise Blockchain
Rapid blockchain deployment

TrustMore offers a proven solution that enables businesses to record their datasets immutably on a blockchain within minutes

TrustMore Benefits

Blockchain is as easy as A = B = C

The minimum number of nodes required to operate a blockchain network is 3.

Like the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics, a blockchain network states that if two nodes contain the same data as the third node, the data is verifiable and added to the permanent record.

TrustMore is the market-leading Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider of secure and scalable node distribution.

TrustMore Enterprise Blockchain
Blockchain Networks
Our nodes are stored across cloud platforms:

Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue is an innovative, cloud based safe work system. Mineral Blue streamlines safety processes using the Internet, blockchain and mobile devices. By reducing administration time, we empower managers to provide a safer workplace

Mineral Blue Enterprise Blockchain
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