Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue is an innovative, cloud based safe work system. Mineral Blue streamlines safety processes using the Internet, blockchain and mobile devices. By reducing administration time, we empower managers to provide a safer workplace


ImageChain uses Blockchain technology to solve the exponentially growing problem of storing medical imaging data in a secure, accessible and useful way. Our platform empowers patients by giving them full control of their imaging data in one central place.


EZYiD is an industrial strength, power packed, micro-chipped tag that exponentially reduces audit and tracking times for small and large assets using a unique global equipment platform that simplifies and enhances how companies around the world manage their safety obligations and the wellbeing of their workers.


Matter measures waste and carbon outputs using ultrasonic sensors. We combine some of the latest technology including smart bins, IoT, blockchain and Big Data to create a true waste ecosystem that brings efficiencies to all aspects of the waste chain and empowers people to collectively respond to sustainability goals.

Secure Health Chain

Secure Health Chain has leveraged several emerging technologies, particularly blockchain, to deliver a solution that manages digital health records safely and securely, while having the ability to capitalise on further innovations by integrating like telemedicine, AI, VR, robotics and wearables faster than the public sector-driven initiative.