Event Review: TrustMore at Digital Catalyst 2019

Posted on
June 21, 2019

When: Friday 21st June 2019

Where: The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newcastle-upon-tyne

What: Digital Catalyst 2019

Organised by: Academic Health Science Network – North East & North Cumbria (AHSN-NESN).

Event Report:

The TrustMore team enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit at the Digital Catalyst 2019 and discuss some exciting applications for blockchain technology within the healthcare industry.  

The ‘Digital Catalyst’ is a regional event, which in thei rown words “…convened a highly multidisciplinary mix of participants – some active researchers and others potential users of research outcomes as well as solution providers to drive lateral thinking, radical approaches to address contemporary and modern research challenges, using cutting edge approaches and engagement methodologies.”

A key focus was of course demonstrating how TrustMore blockchain technology is already being deployed successfully within the Australian healthcare sector. The Secure Health Chain platform is a  high tech and user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that a user can access on their smartphone, with all associated data stored and secured on the blockchain (much like a digital fingerprint).

TrustMore is the enterprise blockchain technology protocol that Secure Health Chain is built upon, enabling greater transparency, security and accessibility of patient health data.

Secure Health Chain has made some significant partnerships already with the likes of SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics (100,000 patients per year), and have begun pilot schemes at local GP clinics (Gywneville Medical Clinic). During the Digital Catalyst event in Newcastle, the TrustMore team took the opportunity to chat to key figures within the NHS and private healthcare sector about how a similar platform could be applied successfully in the UK.

Michael Watson, of TrustMore, said that

“We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to attend the Digital Catalyst event. Digital innovation is critical to addressing many of the challenges faced by the NHS, and we believe blockchain technology has a significant role to play. Data accountability,security, accessibility and transparency can all be improved through the application of blockchain, as TrustMore and Secure Health Chain are demonstrating in Australia.”

One particular highlight of the event was the opportunity to engage with the team from the Great North Care Record, an innovative new approach to sharing medical information across the North East and North Cumbria,which is accessed by authorised health and social care practitioners.

It means that key information about patient health such as diagnoses, medications, details of hospitals admissions and treatments is shared between different healthcare services including hospitals, out of hours and ambulance services.

The TrustMore team were keen to discuss how blockchain technology could be applied in this environment to improve data management and data security.

“There have been some brilliant speakers and we’ve chatted with a great mixture of companies and healthcare professionals who are at the leading edge of digital innovation, both regionally and nationally. The response to learning how TrustMore blockchain can be applied in the healthcare sector has been one of great interest and we’re looking forward to following this up over the coming weeks.”

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Posted on
June 21, 2019