Our pilot project in the UK saved our client £5million over 4 years, from an expenditure of £100k.

Stop drowning in paper
We reduced worker downtime by 80%,simply by automating permit production in the cloud

Easy to own, easy to use
With Mineral Blue, you can be up and running in hours

Better project management
isCompliant integration provides easy access to management processes built on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management standards.

Why choose Mineral Blue?
The bottom line is Mineral Blue isn't about the Internet. It's not about permits, or risk assessments.
Mineral Blue is about time, and money.

Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue is an innovative, cloud based safe work system. Mineral Blue streamlines safety processes using the Internet, blockchain and mobile devices. By reducing administration time, we empower managers to provide a safer workplace

Mineral Blue
Release Date:
May 2019

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