Permanent audit trail

TrustMore offers a verifiable, secure, traceable, and irreversible audit trail of select company records, transactions and artefacts.

Resolve compliance issues

TrustMore improves your ability to resolve compliance issues, react to new regulatory and compliance obligations and address internal audit requirements

Rapid blockchain deployment

TrustMore offers a proven solution that enables businesses to record their datasets immutably on a blockchain within minutes

Increased operational efficiency

Business processes and data can be shared, transparently, trustlessly and in real-time across multiple organisations.

Seamless integration

TrustMore seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise applications and software.

Increased data security

Blockchain uses cryptographic encryption to make organisational data more secure.

TrustMore support from our team.

01. Project Ideation

Our team will work with you to evaluate feasibility, define the success criteria, and identify a delivery strategy

02. Proof Of Concept

Pick your most prominent use case and deliver a POC before time and cost is allocated to detailed design work

03. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our core offering involves being able to deliver a high-quality MVP faster than our competitors.

04. UX / UI Enhancements

As your product matures our UI / UX team will work with you to ensure that your product aligns with your business identity and vision.

05. Commercial-grade Product

We identify additional features, optimise your technical architecture and create the necessary support frameworks launch to the mass market

06. Support & Improvement

Launching your product is only the start of the journey. We will work with you to identify scope for product improvements and strategies to support scaling and growth.

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Get in touch and let us scope out the potential for your own business. This is simple blockchain technology for the enterprise.

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